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Ski lessons for kids ages 4-11

Learning how to ski with ski school Lofer

Attention children – do you feel like fun, games and action in the snow? You’ve come to the right place! We are the specialised children and family ski school in Lofer with many interesting educational games, aids and types of terrain, making learning how to ski really easy! Ropes, fun noodles and Bigfoot short skis bring variety to our ski lessons for kids and are tons of fun as well!


Fun park, wave lane, adventure downhills in the forest or first free-riding attempts for ski lessons for children in Lofer a real experience!


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Ski school Lofer ski course offerings

A ski race with electronic time measurement takes place every Thursday on our race course with an award ceremony with certificates, medals and trophies for ALL participants. Skiing in Lofer means:


Specially trained children’s ski instructors with lots of heart and empathy. We speak the kids’ mother tongue.

  • Children’s world LOFINO Kinderland was optimised according to modern quality criteria, forming the centrepiece of our children’s ski school in Lofer.
  • Being a family ski school, we offer unheard of special services for families.
  • Learning with fun and excitement: the child-appropriate teaching methods are specifically attuned to the youngsters’ needs. Friendships are considered in group arrangement and group changes!

Ski lessons for kids for families

Families with children who’d like to take their first steps as skiers are right at home with us. Lofino, our magic dragon, turns learning how to ski into an easy and very special experience for every child.

If you’ve never been on skis, it’s actually pretty easy. The lessons start with walking on skies. After all, our young champions have to learn simple moves, such as getting from the assembly point to the lift.

Both the carousel and the conveyor belt (magic carpet) will quickly become part of the ski lessons for kids. You won’t believe how quickly your offspring will join you at the ski lift!

The perfect course for everyone

Ski school Lofer Herbst offers suitable lessons for all experience levels for children ages 4-11. A mix of skiing, playing and fun makes for young slopesters enthusiastically leaving their first tracks in the snow. Groups are arranged according to skills and experience:

  • K1 Beginner
    I’ve never been on skis.
  • K2 Braking & turns for kids
    I can brake and make easy snowplough turns.
  • K3 Improving turns
    I can do turns, but want to learn how to do them better.
  • K4 First carving
    I mostly manage to keep my skis parallel in turns.
  • K5 Parallel ski steering
    I almost always ski parallel.
  • K6 Deep show & Park
    I ski parallel in long and short turns.


Extensions for ski school and rental are possible without surcharge. Book ski lessons for children online and enquire about suitable equipment!

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